Thursday, October 11, 2007

The dinner that wasn't shared...

Today I had plans to have my friend Shell over for dinner and her little man, but both she and DH got stuck in work traffic for TWO hours before she (very wisely) decided to head home. Diva was upset about it, but I told her next time we'd meet up. Tonight I made a toasted pine nut couscous (boxed), jalapeno poppers under the broiler, roasted butternut squash with cinnamon and tilapia in parchment, for dessert we had pumpkin roll with fresh whipped heavy cream that had fresh grated nutmeg on top.
Everything was fairly easy to make, I have learned that with the girls I should do as much prep as I can early on. So in the morning I got all the vegetables ready, the squash cut up and put in the casserole and ready to go.
I don't really use too many recipes and I am not a chef or a photographer so bear with me. The more I look at my pictures the more I think that DH has a case for buying a new camera.
I also managed to pack two lunches for Diva and DH tomorrow, I am woman hear me roar!!!!!!

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