Friday, October 5, 2007

Bento packing marathon!

ok so not really a marathon. But I packed five lunches yesterday. Two for the girls to have yesterday, one for DH today and two for the girls today. I wanted to have very little "morning of" prep time today so I did everything last night for today's lunches. This morning all I had to do was heat some water to warm the thermos, heat up some Massaman curry leftovers for dh, toss it in the thermos and put it in a bag with the rest of his lunch. Which is celery sticks with almond butter and peanut butter, babybel cheese, kiwi (which I added later) and two grape tomatoes.

Today us girls are having sausage rolls that I bought from the Happy Donut yesterday while at lunch with Shell and her little man. So in Diva's lunch I put the sausage roll, kiwi and strawberry ka-bobs, a donut hole, and some yogurt raisins. Piglet has the same foods for lunch I just prepped what I needed to and will warm up her sausage roll with mine at lunch. Incidentally I am sure you're thinking these kids eat a lot of raisins being that their mom thinks they are gross. Well, the thing about the yogurt raisins is that on Wednesday I picked Diva up from school and she goes "Mama I want some yogurt with raisins", I tried not to let her see me wrinkle my nose at the thought of raisins plumping up in yogurt *GAG* but I said "ok we can get you some." The more we talked about it though she kept saying "raisins with yogurt around them mama", so I finally asked if she saw someone eating them. She said yes her teacher had some... ahhh ok... now we're getting somewhere. So I asked her "did your teacher eat them with a spoon or with her hands?" "Her hands" OHHHH ok... yogurt COVERED raisins. Which BTW reading the nutrition information on that stuff I should have just given her M&M's, they are sooo sugary! Oh well. I hope she eats her sausage roll they are so good and handmade at this Donut place.
Yesterday, as mentioned above we had lunch with Shell and her little man. I wanted the girls to have something somewhat healthy and substantial before their donut holes so I packed them some lunches to take with. Diva ate all of her lunch and some of my fries. Piglet ate most of her lunch and some of my patty melt. Shell and I are a bit donut happy, or were at the time. It turns out we were there right before closing so they were THROWING donuts away... HELLO!? is there not a shelter or somewhere to donate these to? OY. Anyway they said half price donuts so we each got a dozen holes and a box of donuts. I really shouldn't have, but I did. What on earth will we do with all these donuts?

The girls lunches for yesterday, they split a boiled egg, string cheese, raisins, and strawberries.
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