Friday, October 5, 2007

10-03-2007 Walking the dog bento

The night I packed this lunch Diva requested broccoli and carrots, she also wanted heart "sammies" so I came up with this bento for her. Dh and Diva both would LOVE a dog, as a matter of fact so would I. I would jump at the chance to get a Bull Mastiff if Diva and I we not allergic. I titled this bento "walking the dog", I put blades of green bell pepper "grass", carrot "flowers" and broccoli "trees" under the dog (cut out from cheese) in the upper left corner. The upper right corner is a grape tomato (I am trying to pack her lunches with the five color rule to get us all to eat more variety and it was looking bland so i put the tomato in there). Under that dog is a few tortilla and cheese heart cut outs. The lower left corner has pear "rocks" and a pureed cinnamon squash face, the eyes are runny because my eyes get that way when I am around dogs. the last container has pretzel sticks for "fetching", a container of Cesar dressing and a heart shaped cheese cutout with a dog sandwich on top. She was pretty thrilled when I showed it to her this morning, I hope she eats it all, I am sure she will there isn't anything in there that she doesn't really like. I was laughing last night when she asked for the heart shaped sandwiches, I was telling DH she probably has friends that get them so she thinks they are so spectacular. And here I am, I have yet to send her to school with a sandwich, we didn't even have good bread in the house. LOL
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