Monday, March 13, 2017

Thin Mints Milkshakes And Other Girl Scout Cookie Shakes

We have a girl scout in house and it's cookie season! My favorite is the Thin Mints, I try not to eat too many of them. I could eat a whole sleeve in one sitting and I used to. But I've been really good, maybe it's because there's such an abundance of them around here. I decided to make the kids some milkshakes for an after dinner treat the other day. These are simple and quick to make. They are also very yummy.

Any cookie can be used, different flavors of ice cream.  Here are some great combinations:

Savannah Smiles- these lemony cookies would pair well with vanilla ice cream, or a raspberry sorbet shake. Drizzle the cups with raspberry syrup, top with raspberries and a sprig of mint.

Trefoils- my other favorite cookie are these shortbread cookies! The sky is the limit with these, but a simple vanilla ice cream with butter vanilla extract will let the cookie shine in this one. Or go for a butter pecan shake with ice cream, salted caramel, Trefoils, and pecans. Top with crushed Trefoils and pecans after you drizzle salted caramel in your glass.

Do-si-dos and Tagalongs- classic peanut butter flavor, one with chocolate the other without. A shake with chocolate ice cream, a scoop of peanut butter and either of these cookies blended up will please any peanut butter and chocolate fan for sure!

Samoas- For something a little different a tropical shake made from frozen bananas, coconut milk, a little sweetener, vanilla, and coconut flakes for the shake part of this would be yummy.  If you want Samoa goodness throughout, omit the sweetener and throw a few cookies in the blender. Serve with Samoas on top of the shake, thread them through the straw for some cookie fun.

Two new cookies this year were the Girl Scout S'mores and the Toffee-Tastic. What kinds of shakes would you make with these?

Thin Mints Milkshakes 

Chocolate ice cream
Vanilla ice cream
Thin Mints
Peppermint extract or essential oil
Vanilla extract
Optional add ins: coffee, or Irish Cream
Chocolate syrup
Crushed Thin Mints

  1. In a blender combine/blend all the ingredients for the milk shakes. Start with just a splash of milk. You can always add more if the shakes are too thick, but if they are too thin then you need more cookies and ice cream.
  2. Drizzle chocolate syrup around the sides of your glasses.
  3. Pour milkshake into the glasses.
  4. Top with crushed Thin Mints.

(We don't add malt to our milkshakes but if you like it, add it!)

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