Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Clean Eating Slow Cooker Plans on Emeals

I'm going to let you read the title of this post one more time. Clean. Eating. Slow. Cooker. SQUEEE. From eMeals. I'm so excited about this! All of the recipes I've gotten from eMeals in our menus have been simple but all flavorful and are fairly true to the plan you choose. You can choose quite a few plans/eating styles you can choose from like Paleo, low carb, organic, classic meals, simple gourmet, gluten free, vegetarian, and more! My review can be found HERE.
I'm really excited about the Clean Eating Slow Cooker plans, I had just switched to clean eating from Paleo- which I really liked but I wanted to just feel out clean eating and figured I could sub anything I didn't want to eat. The thing is with two girls that have two different soccer practices during the week, and two games on the weekend, the weather getting warmer- a slow cooker/ crock pot plan is perfect for us here at Give Peas A Chance. Today was already feeling too hot to turn on the stove so I have carnitas in the crock pot. Well, I emailed customer support and within an hour they got back to me and switched my plan over!
Sample Clean Eating Slow Cooker menu on the eMeals  site - you get weekly menus with a grocery list sent to you via email. Doesn't the menu look delish? It looks great to me! I might do tweaking to make things fit for us, sub lettuce wraps for tortilla chips, cut up potatoes instead of using frozen ones. Easy substitutions like that. That's what's so great  about these plans, you pick and choose what you like. Very easy to swap side dishes from one night to the next also. This menu again has some cook ahead for other meals. I always try to cook ahead. If I'm grilling chicken one night, I grill extra for soups or salad another night, and while the grill is on I toss veggies on there for the next night. It's a huge help and makes my time in the kitchen run smoothly. One thing that is different on this plan than other eMeals plans is that they to make your life easier they plan for two quick easy meals that use up leftovers.
Our Slow Cooker Meal Plans are setup a little different than our other plans. Our primary goal with this meal plan is to make it even easier to cook delicious meals. Each Slow Cooker Meal Plan include five slow cooker recipes per week, plus two quick, easy, and inventive meals built on leftovers.

Have you tried eMeals? Or want to? Use the code SLOW for 15% off. Go here to sign up for eMeals today!
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