Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Friday

So, I always see my awesome couponing friends posting their deals. I'm just not a couponer. Not a good one, but I was so excited with this trip! The coupon lady had coupons that were expiring the day I was at the grocery store. She said she had no issues doing multiple transactions since the coupons would go to waste. They were $5 off of $5 worth of Kraft/Breakstone items. (Military coupon).
SO I got all of the above for ... $4!!!! (Because DD's Pummelo's are in the picture LOL.)
YAY! WOOT.  AND I checked expiration dates on everything. It's got a while! Some of it's going on the freezer.
I won't be buying cheese, string cheese, cream cheese, and more for a while, YAY!
What are your best couponing tips? Favorite sites or blogs for couponing?
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