Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Friday

11/11/11 11:11

 Thank you to our Veterans. Thank you so much, I'm so thankful and blessed. I have the freedom to live my life the way I do because of you. I am safe, because of what you do.

So far this month, I'm thankful for (from my FB posts- up till 11/10)

  • ‎* thankful for new mercies, salvation, and grace... 
  • thankful for God's unfailing love 
  • Thankful for my oldest girls, who get up in the morning, get dressed, get their shoes on and eat breakfast until I get up- unless I'm making a hot breakfast. 
  • I'm thankful for Fridays because they mean a weekend of my kids being home!! I fre@king love my kids! 
  • thankful for restaurants... :)  
  • Thankful for my mil, who helped make this house more "me"...  
  • So thankful and blessed this morning. Putting bacon and French toast in the oven and Diva came up to me and said can I read to you?  I was reading this to my sisters too, she's reading psalm 119. It's perfect and beautiful, even more so off of her lips 
  • thankful for naps, church and little voices shouting "give thanks to the Lord! For he is good, his mercy endures foreva!" lol. I think they have this memory verse down. Yes mercy. Diva said isn't it supposed to be love? Lol, yes but that's how they sent it to us. 
  • thankful for turducken at the commissary  
  • thankful today that my kids have an alarm clock with two alarms. wish they would have not gotten back into bed after each one. get up kids time to get READY. can't blame them I love sleep too  
  • Thankful for modern medicine and that uncle Tom is out of surgery  
  • I can't even say HOW thankful I am right now and how blessed I am. I'm in tears... thank you to my brother, for blessing your nieces so very much. 
  • thankful for my girls and a short week so we have more time to go swimming this weekend. story time, store bought yogurt... and Thai food 
  • thankful for heat!!! brrrrrrrr.... and for not knowing what it's like to be truly hungry/starving 
  • Thankful for easy weeknight meals. holiday french toast, steak and fruit.

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