Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodbyn Giveaway

For someone who is used to packing smaller lunch boxes, the Goodbyn boxes have always been ones I brushed off thinking they were just too big. I made these judgment calls from pictures online, having never seen or played with an actual Goodbyn. So when I had the chance to review these boxes I couldn’t wait to test them out. Goodbyn is a US based company; and these boxes are made in the US. This is a huge deal for me. I love being able to buy US made items. Customer service was helpful and shipping was quick. And there wasn’t a lot of unnecessary filler and packaging.
When the boxes came to the house my first thoughts were-
-The original Goodbyn was big. Way too big for us. How am I going to pack a lunch in this?
- The Bynto, smaller. Probably the best size for us.
- The stickers- dishwasher safe BTW, were cute and had lots of variety for the kids to personalize their boxes
- I love this pineapple color! The strawberry is pretty, but the pineapple is my favorite.  Not bright and blaring.
- The drink bottles fit INSIDE the boxes. Awesome.
- Two pieces, a lid and a box. No little pieces to lose.
- Ice packs, different sizes will be handy for keeping items cold.
-Minimal packaging, every inch of the packaging is useful.
Goodbyn Original- Picture from Goodbyn

Now that I’ve had these for a while here are my thoughts.
-The plastic is … softer, more pliable than other containers. This makes it very easy for my girls to get the lids on and off.
- I love that the drink fits into the box. It can be left out if you need more room for food also. If you freeze the drink or put ice in it, it doubles as an ice pack.
- My girls LOVE the drink bottles.
- The stickers are so fun, my girls spent a good amount of time decorating their items. They are indeed dishwasher safe.
- The packaging? Me likey. Every inch of the packaging is useful. There is a list of ideas for meals, jokes and little notes you can cut out and include in lunches. Reusable/less waste. Brownie points.
- Once packed, the size isn’t as overwhelming. Especially if you leave the drink in the box. Even then, I packed the smaller Bynto for my 2 year old and it was the right amount of food. My older girls might need the bigger Goodbyn for lunches that can’t be tightly packed, or to leave the drink container out. I was pleasantly surprised. I get comments and emails from parents about how little food I pack for my kids, or that their kids need more food. This box is perfect for those who need more room, for one meal or lunch and a snack.
- The compartments are separated. I didn’t have any issues with food from one compartment mixing with the other. I did not use either box for wet foods.
- I don’t have an insulated bag big enough for the Goodbyn, but you can get one HERE. The Bynto fits fine in our standard lunch bag that the girls use.
- I decided to use the Goodbyn original as a first aid kit. LOOVE it.

I'll be posting lunches I've packed with this box throughout the week!
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Goodbyn Bynto - Picture from Goodbyn site.

In spite of my initial reservations, these are awesome boxes. Made in the US, dishwasher safe, not a lot of pieces and containers, the drink fits into box- so it really eliminates the need for a lunch bag- ice packs can fit right into the boxes also and the size really isn’t an issue. They are great for kids with bigger appetites or packing sandwiches that you don’t want to smash to fit into a smaller container.
If you need ideas on what to pack in your Goodbyn, there is a Flickr group photo stream listed on the website. The facebook page has great traffic and coupon codes are posted on and off.
Where do you purchase these?  On the Goodbyn site HERE.
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*I was sent product to review. Opinions on this product are my own and I was not compensated in any way.*
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