Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Friday- Teeth and freebies

Isn't this cute from Tidy Mom? Download the printable using the link to her blog HERE.
One of the most disgusting things to me as a mother is watching my children brush their teeth. Or brushing their teeth for them. I'm gagging just thinking about it. Children don't just brush their teeth, they drool, swallow the toothpaste, smear it all over, spit all over. Oh my gosh, it's gross. It's just so necessary isn't it? How are you when brushing your children's teeth? No issues? I'm just crazy? I thought so.

What about the tooth-fairy? A friend shared this letter from Too funny. I mean sure it's ... well passive aggressive, still funny.

Diva has been losing teeth left and right. And for a mom who was so totally against the whole Santa at Christmas thing- that went out the door this past Christmas we spent at their grandparents, I put money under her pillow. Ok, I only did that once, after that I told her she should leave the tooth on the dresser so she doesn't squish the fairy. The thing is she's been leaving notes for the tooth fairy. Complete with surveys, gifts and what not. Little dresses made from tissues, small packages, notes about "can I have lipstick next time, instead of money?" and of course can "I keep my tooth". Because grandma wants to see her teeth and give her money too. Sigh. All I'm saying is that if your fairy leaves your child a note remember that fairies write so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it. Might as well make it believable. Just saying. Do your kids believe there's a tooth-fairy? 

I found some cute printables to make this chore a little more tolerable. I thought you might like them also.

The sign shown at the top of this post is from Tidy Mom, you can find that free printable HERE.

The oral care charts below can be found HERE.

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