Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baltic Amber- Inspired by Finn

We have been customers of Inspired By Finn since Diva was a baby and she's almost 7 now- next month EEK.  This is actually the second "review" I've done, I did this WAHM spotlight back in 2008. I am not getting paid for this review and I purchased my last necklace in May 2011. 
I can't say enough about baltic amber. It WORKS. For teething pain, jaw pain and carpal tunnel pain. I'm only giving you my personal testimony here, but you can read more about the benefits on the IBF website HERE. They also have a Facebook page HERE.
Currently two of my girls (Pixie-2 and Diva-6) are wearing amber necklaces. I put the necklace on the girls as infants and I rarely took them off, until they stopped teething and didn't want to wear them. As posted in my WAHM spotlight, I could tell the difference if the girls were teething and I forgot to put their necklaces back on. They also slept better at night. This past year or two, Diva started losing her baby teeth and her back molars coming in hurt her. So I said why don't you put the teething necklace back on? She did and hasn't complained again about her teeth hurting and says the necklace helps her. A big plus is that the beads aren't babyish they are pretty necklaces!
This is the bracelet I have.*
For me, I have two pieces of amber jewelery. I use an amber bracelet from my carpal tunnel and have for a couple of years now. I mentioned that in my last review. I had to have it replaced once because one of the girls decided to stretch it as far as it could go. I had a flare up too so I wasn't happy at all. I contacted Inspired by Finn and they send me one right away. I'm not even sure I had to pay for it. For my wrists I find that if I don't have a flare up I can take my bracelet off and just put it on when needed. I can feel relief within 30 minutes.  For a few years now I've had jaw pain and it's been getting worse. I didn't even think about amber until one day I was talking to Diva about her pain that I decided to put on Piglets necklace. It was small for me but within 30 minutes I felt relief!  I couldn't believe it! I mean I just thought that "my pain" was too much. But it worked! So I ordered this beauty for myself- it sure beats wearing that annoying mouth guard DH bought me!
So pretty.*
So if you haven't tried an Amber Necklace from Inspired by Finn,  you should esp for infant teething! If you do use amber let me know what you use it for and how you like it!
* pictures from the Inspired by Finn's website
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