Friday, March 4, 2011

Bento 2011- 45, 46

 Seriously dark photos, over exposed photos, blurry pictures... I give up. I'm sorry. But here are lunches. (There's also information on a Give Peas A Chance Spring Fever giveaway at the end!)
Hard boiled egg- I tried to attach the eyes with a tiny bit of gel icing and they slid so, the eggs look like bandits LOL. #fail
Bell Peppers

NOW the fun stuff! I have asked a group of amazing artisans to help me celebrate 800+  posts here on GPAC. So on March 10 I'll be putting up a post with pictures of some amazing prizes- natural care products for your home, beauty products, jewelery, party items, and so much more, stay tuned you won't want to miss this. I wish *I* could win them!
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