Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! Bento 2011- 14,15

My cousin took this picture this year. Every year my parents would have aunts, uncles, cousins over for Chinese New Year. This isn't half the food that I'm sure my mom had out. Good times, great memories.
I am not doing anything special for Chinese New Year today. We do plan on going to a parade this weekend. Here are the girls lunches though, which I decided to do last minute, I just finished and it's 12:49 AM. Not traditional foods but still, long noodles for long life, eggs for... errm  fertility... yeah ok. Moving on.
Pork- yummy red pork, I slow cooked it first then broiled for colo
Curried Quail eggs
Chocolate covered fortune cookies
Almond cookie- I made these this morning/afternoon

Almond cookies
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