Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bento 2010-10, 11, 12

Okay, so there are three lunches here so technically they are #'s 10-12. But they are pretty much the same. Oh well. The younger girls had their lunch while we were out running errands.
Diva has
Khao Tom Mad (Which I steamed in the morning and wrapped in foil to keep it warm)
Dragon Fruit
Container of Black, White and Spice for her egg
Sunsweet Prune
Piglet has the same thing Diva has. Except that's a pig shaped egg. (It came out all funny.)
Pixie has her Khao Tom Mad in a wet towel holder, a cow shaped egg and no dragon fruit just a little banana.
All ready to go.
I puffy heart the Parasite Pals bento still.
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