Friday, March 27, 2009

Banana, Avocado and Carrot babyfoods.

I made these carrots with the babycook. I am liking the babycook, but for bigger batches of food to freeze a pot with a steamer basket is best. But I don't freeze too much baby food, I guess because my mom asked me once how I liked leftovers. Yeah, I don't. Why make the baby eat them. Not to say I don't freeze some of her food in ice cue containers for convince, because I do. What I like about bananas and avocados is that they are mild, easy to mash, need no cooking, travel well and come in their own little serving "bowl". Doesn't get any easier than mashing up the flesh in the fruits on skin and serving it up that way. I did learn that Pixie is not really a big fan of avocado, doesn't mean I won't keep feeding it to her, but I found that odd because it's so mild and creamy.
Both the avocado and banana brown so it's best to serve them immediately after mashing .

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