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Imagine i CAN® from Manhattan Toy

I've introduced you all to Manhattan Toy company before, and I'm pleased to tell you about more great products from them. The Imagine i CAN® line from Manhattan Toy is refreshing to me. Not a lot of fuss, no high tech gadgets, just fun toys that spark creativity and play. One of my favorite things are the colorful tins with games in them. These games are small in size but BIG on fun. Perfect for ages 3+, so they aren't so small that you're finding pieces everywhere, and they come in tins that are sturdy. Unlike cardboard boxes that get dented and ripped. The games are made of wood, simple to play and perfect for restaurants and doctors offices. This line of games and activity sets starts at just $6.00, making them great reward gifts, stocking stuffers, and rainy day gifts. Keep a stash of them for those quick "mom I need a gift for so and so" moments.

There are 13 themed kits ranging from mini play sets of jungle or farm animals to roll & bowl with a wooden ball or marbles. Craft kits include art of lacing and stained glass introduction for children using age-appropriate tools like paper stick-ons and pre-cut weaving strips. The stained glass kit is so fun. I just used it with my girls a few nights ago. No mess, and the results were beautiful! The stickers were easy to use. Such a fun kit. Just super cute, and the are so pretty, they make great book marks also.
Perfect for littles ones that want a quick craft or activity to do, but you don't have the time to pull out a ton of different tools.

Imagine I Can - Stained Glass Stick-ons Circus ($6.00)
Create your own stained glass mosaic art with translucent stickers! Each kit includes: 1 design template, 4 pre-cut hanging design templates, over 800 translucent stickers in 5 colors and ribbon.

We also got to play with some of the tin games. Which I am already a fan of  smaller tin games like this. Because I carry them in my purse or leave them in the car. When I know we're going to be a while I'll grab one for  the kids to play at the doctor's office or we'll play at a restaurant. They aren't loud games. I love that they are so well made. Wood pieces that are colorful and fun too. They don't take long to play, so you don't have to worry about not having time to start a new game. The pieces are simple, the rules are also easy to understand. I especially like that the pieces are simple. This leaves room for creative play and imagination. The games can be played by the rules, or you can make up a game also. 
Imagine I Can Shape Stack ($6.00)
Simple, yet strategic two player game. Use the wobbly half sphere as your base, then stack the colorful shapes on the base according to the color you roll on the die. Stack as many shapes as you can stack before it all falls down! Kit includes 1 colored die, 6 colored shapes and 1 instructional booklet that fit inside an easy-to-carry tin. Pack-it-up and bring it where ever you go!
For this Shape Stack, we played a couple ways. One was as per the rules with the dice. We also played where we let each person try to stack as many shapes as possible in one turn. Perfect for kids to play on their own also. This was challenging and is great for fine motor skills.

Imagine I Can Caterpillar Connect ($6.00)
Simple, yet strategic two player 
game. Be the first to build your colorful caterpillar! Kit includes 1 colored die, 21 colored wooden caterpillar pieces and 1 instructional booklet that all fit inside an easy-to-carry tin. Pack-it-up and bring it where ever you go!
This caterpillar game is so cute, and see what I mean by transportable tins? What a great size! This is perfect for 2 players. I also had Pixie sort the pieces by color, by pattern, identify the ones with dots or lines.  Perfect for learning. There's 21 caterpillar pieces you can see that they are good size pieces too. Not too small for little hands. I love that these games don't require reading also.
Imagine I Can Cheese Chase ($6.00)
Simple, yet strategic two player game. Be the first person to capture the cheese! Kit includes 1 colored die, 4 wooden mice, 2 wooden cheese pieces and 1 instructional booklet that all fit inside an easy-to-carry tin. Pack-it-up and bring it where ever you go!
This is a great counting skills game. It's not difficult and doesn't require math skills. Kids are counting how many moves the mice can make. Because there's no board game this is also transportable. The mice are really cute, easy to pick up, and  the instructions are easy to follow. Again this says two player game, but Pixie was able to play on her own and practice her numbers.
I highly recommend this company and these products. 
Play is discovery and exploration, and joy, and growth, and learning, and so much more. And for Manhattan Toy play is serious work. So when it brings play to life, it does it with a commitment to the finest in craftsmanship and creativity. All of the company’s products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight consumers large and small.
The Manhattan Toy family of brands — including imagine i CAN®™, Whoozit®, Wimmer-Ferguson®,
Groovy Girls®, Dr. Seuss™, Fraggle, Rock™, Parents®, Baby Stella, and Manhattan Toy — offer more than 700 exclusive, original product designs distributed worldwide through more than 10,000 fine department and specialty toy and gift retailers. Each year the company introduces hundreds of new toys, yet many of its original designs have remained consistently popular for decades.
Manhattan Toy invites all ages to explore their world, where you’re certain to find great toys and gift ideas that are not only exquisite, but exclusive as well. Visit their website at

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