Friday, June 28, 2013

In Between- #FiveMinuteFriday #FMFParty

In Between-
My middle child probably feels like she's perpetually in between ages.
Too young to do what her older sister does.
Too old to do certain things that her youngest sister does.
I was not a middle child, we didn't have a middle child in our family. It was just two of us.
In the middle.
She turns 7 this coming week.
I'm praying that she continues to grow, to find balance in her life.
To find blessing in the limits she has now, and freedom in being an older sister also.
Freedom in knowing where God has placed her in our family.
Knowing that she was made for a purpose, that is her's and her's alone to fulfill.
Not her older sister.
Not her younger sister.
Just her, the perfect "In Between".
I pray that the Lord will draw her near.
That she would grow to chase after God.
To be a woman after His own heart.
That she would delight herself in Him.
That He would place His perfect desire's in her heart.
That she would flourish in the middle.
That she would never waver seeking to be older.
That she would never look back, wishing she was younger.
That she would just be all that God has created her to be.

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