Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Fall #FiveMinuteFriday

Pixie 2012

This is my first, and who knows maybe my last :P Five Minute Friday.
Fall. When I first saw the word I thought about crisp air, leaves, leaves all over. Here in this area. ALL over, gorgeous leaves like I have never seen. Maybe once in a while when we drove up to Red River CO. But here? Every year I'm blessed and just in awe of the amazing color, texture, variety of leaves. So many colors God came up with. How He programmed the trees to cut of nourishment to those leaves when the air gets crisp. So that they change, turn color, fall off, this is perfect for the trees. Keeps them healthy, sustains them through the winter. Preserves them at their core, so their roots can keep digging deeper. What about me? When God takes something away, could be for good, could be for a season. Am I able to see past what is missing? What is not mine? To see what IS mine? ALL that is mine? The blessings, the joy, the HOPE in Christ? I pray that I would be able to. But I know I don't always.
Five minutes is up :).

Five Minute Friday
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