Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pick Your Plum Maddness

OK. I usually don't post Pick Your Plum deals because they are all so awesome, but I've been waiting for this one! QUICK!! MONOGRAMMED cutting boards 50% off $18 each!! WOOD ones! Plus these one's always go SO very fast! so go get one! HERE.

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  1. Hi. I wrote a few days ago,but am at a loss as to how to find if you have replied,don't know where to look!
    My silly question was.. how the heck do the little foods keep from sloshing about or slipping out of each area into the other foods,especially when you have to turn the container over to fit into a lunchbox?!
    I am new to this Bento-"ing" & really want to start doing for my little one when she starts school.
    You have inspired me to try!


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