Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Friday- Christmas/New Year

Diva reading the Christmas Story to us.
Hope you had a blessed Christmas (holiday season) and wishing you a healthy prosperous New Year! I thought I'd share some pictures from Christmas.
One of my favorite things this year was how very excited the girls were to give gifts. We went to a Holiday Bazaar at school and they got to buy gifts for everyone. The way it works is that the PTA collects items, gently used etc, then sells them at around $1.00 each.

Pixie got this set of baskets for her sisters and daddy- she didn't stop talking about them the whole month, even if they were wrapped with just a bow and we alll knew what they were. So cute.
So sweet, Piglet colored a picture for Pixie. She cut it out and wrapped it up in a box with paper and a bow. Pixie squealed when she saw it, "You are GIVING this to me!?" awwwee hugs all around!

Santa only ate part of his Chocolate Eggnog cupcake.
Some dear friends sent this to us, it's not official till you have an ornament!
We didn't put a tree up this year, or anything because as you can see, there is simply no room.
This circuit board is so fun, and just perfect for Piglet!
 DH took the girls out to pick out some lovely gifts for me <3 .="." about="about" also="also" and="and" around="around" blue="blue" br="br" d="d" did="did" excited="excited" giggle.="giggle." good="good" i="i" is="is" it.="it." it="it" jam="jam" know="know" letting="letting" me="me" mess="mess" not="not" off="off" on="on" out.="out." picked="picked" pink="pink" say="say" so="so" such="such" sweet="sweet" them="them" they="they" toe="toe" very="very" was="was" were="were" what="what" with="with" would="would">
Jewelry box, it's personalized on the front, and has dolphins too (Piglet love's dolphins)
Diva picked out this Pandora bracelet for me.
Pixie chose this for me, actually she also chose a carrousel lol, but they decided on this! I can't wait to fill it with pictures!
Piglet made sure her gift was the very first one I opened.
I'm so blessed.

I also got this FAN-STINKING-TASTIC girly bike.
At dinner we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Had fondue, including this for dessert.
Then they busted out the bacon...
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and have an amazing blessed, happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!
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