Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shy Violet- GIVEAWAY

The holiday season has come rushing towards us. I love this time of year. I do. I don't mind the crowds, I love people watching. Probably because I shop all year and I don't have to be in the stores with the crowds, so I choose to be. Sometimes it's hard to find a gift for someone that is as unique as they are. There's simply nothing you can find mainstream, or mass produced. That's when you look to artisans like Cecilia of Shy Violet. Cecilia makes beautiful works of art out of  sterling silver, real stones,and real pearls. Her Regenesis Collection combines recycled materials to form unique and wearable works of art. 
This necklace is made of recycled grey wool on handmade sterling silver links.
The Regenesis Collection is dedicated to preserving and breathing new life into old materials. 
See below.

  Some other gorgeous pieces from her website-

 This stunning addition to the Seasons Collection combines the deep soothing tones of carnelian with the sparkle of fire opal. Handmade sterling silver accent beads and a handmade sterling pyramid bead add detail and depth. Like all my coiled items, Autumn was created using no solder or glue. Fine silver wire is coiled around a sterling silver wire base, integrating the beads in the process.
How beautiful is this? The detail, the delicate wrapping, and bold accents. LOVE.
Tiny faceted sapphires adorn this petite sterling silver pendant. The sterling silver base is handformed and one of a kind, and the genuine sapphires are wrapped on using fine silver.
Here's is a little more about Shy Violet from the website.
I use sterling silver, gold-fill, and vermeil as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones in my jewelry. Shy Violet jewelry has an upscale aesthetic, classic, detailed but not fussy. Most pieces are one of a kind. As an artist, I enjoy creating new and unique pieces, refining my skills with different challenges each time. More importantly, I believe that's one of the great benefits of wearing a handmade jewelry piece - the chance to wear something completely unique, personal, that spoke to you individually.
I love designing and making unique pieces of jewelry using beautiful materials - precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, shell, metal components, and recycled materials. I love the colors of the gemstones, deep, bright, translucent, and sparkling! Each piece is meant to be personal, an adornment that makes you feel beautiful and confident. My jewelry designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, by the stones and their colors, by people I meet, and by my travels.
I enjoy using recycled materials when possible, giving them new life and beauty. I try to source materials that are green-friendly, such as fair-trade and recycled silver and locally-mined gemstones whenever possible. I'm happy to take custom orders and work with you to incorporate a special gem or other item into your piece of jewelry as well.

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