Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Days of Gratitude Days 28-29

I didn't post yesterday but I'm thankful for The Block and my sisters that I've met because of them. If you're not a Blockhead you just don't get it. You don't understand why grown women trek across the country to see a boy band from their childhood. You don't understand the memories, and that we grew up with these guys and they are a huge part of our childhood.  You don't understand how friendships can be formed between people through a band, how complete strangers can meet up once in the middle of a big city and they are instant friends. You don't understand that it's SO much better this time around. Everyone's grown up, no one's in a frenzy- ok most of us aren't, and the guys are more down to earth, friendly, and it's a great community. That's OK, you don't need to.It doesn't matter. All that matters is I'm thankful for Coming Home. For the friends, hanging out, for the shows, the meet and greets, the cruises, the after parties. All of it.

I'm also thankful that this time around I got to cruise, I got to do shows, do 5*'s, do after parties. I'm kind of glad I didn't do it all 20 years ago. Because this was special, I appreciated it so much more than I would have before.
NKOTB NYC Radio City Hall weekend.
For more pictures of the madness that is NKOTB check here.

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