Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wean Green- Giveaway

Wean Green tempered glass food containers are great little containers for all sorts of foods. Not just for babies or baby food, these containers grow with your child. 
When the girls were younger I made their purees and baby foods. I loved smaller containers for food portions. The Wean Green cubes are the perfect size! I wish I would have known about Wean Green then. These containers are tempered glass, they are air tight, and can be put in the freezer, and microwave. I love glass because you know it's safe, and it doesn't change the taste of foods. It's like drinking out of a plastic water bottle or a glass, the glass just tastes better. Especially if it's been out in the sun, or on the counter for a while. A big plus is that glass is recyclable! When they got older they still didn't eat huge portions. So the different sizes of Wean Green means that there's a container for everything! Wean Green has several sizes and shapes of containers that are perfect for meals, snacks on the go (it's tempered glass so it won't break ask easily as other glass- though it is still breakable.), and freezing for storage. Looking for the different sizes and products? Check them out!

Our Wean Green set is the pretty green Back to School set. So easy to clean, and I love that we can see what's inside each one. We can just grab what we need. We can put crackers in there and the seal is night and tight so they don't get stale. Liquids don't leak out.
If you check out their blog (link is below) you'll read that these containers aren't just for food. Perfect for keeping spices and tea fresh, soap bars dry, and keeping play doh nice and soft.

 Here is more information about Wean Green from their Facebook page.
Helping create safe, healthy, ecological little weaners!



One tiny step in the right direction can help save the planet. Wean Green wants to ensure that every baby’s first steps are taken towards being a healthy, safe, and ecological little person. Creating Glass Cubes is our first tiny step to support parent’s efforts in creating a safe world for their baby.
Company Overview
Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing parents with safe and environmental baby products that fit into every parent’s diaper bag!
We love researching environmentally friendly, modern and unique baby products. We also love when our diaper bags match our shoes. We combined these and came up with a company devoted to combining eco and chic. Our eco-chic designs allow for all parents to choose environmental products without sacrificing style.
Babies grow. So does Wean Green. Part of being an eco-chic company involves designing products that will grow with your baby. Our Glass Cubes were designed with many secondary uses including keeping those Cheerio’s locked safe and secure inside.
Our goal is to ensure that your eco-footprint does not grow larger than your baby’s sweet little feet! The Wean Green team continues to design products that will meet the expectations of our weaners and consumers

I love that Wean Green is part of 1% for the planet.
Wean Green is proud to partner with 1% For the Planet, an organization dedicated to building and supporting an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. For more information on the work we support, visit
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