Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Allermates- GIVEAWAY & Coupon

Diva has allergies. Other than some environmental allergies, she's allergic to peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, pine nuts- let's just say she can have almonds and that's it. She's also mildly allergic to soy, milk and egg whites. She's pretty good about not eating anything unless she asks if it's safe. But sometimes it's nice to have reminders for her and those around her to ask before she eats. In walks! This company not only has cool accessories for kids with allergies, they focus on awareness and education. And they make it fun!
The Allermates website is fun for both parents and children. They have a parents  section with resources for parents and product safety information. In the kids section there is allergy education/awareness information in kids terms. The fun cast mates of this website, the Allermates,  are little icons of common allergies and there are more that are going to be added. One of the things Diva thought was cool was the word search, there are free printables for them and other educational printables for free on the site.  Each of the Allermates has it's own page that gives tips and information on that allergy.

There are several products offered from Allermates. They have necklaces that are perfect for children with multiple allergies. You can choose several of the tags. The cords are soft and have a safety release, which is awesome.

 The bracelets are soft. Colorful and fun. Adjustable and waterproof. Diva has let both of her sisters wear her bracelet and necklace- they both want one of each!

They also have these fun T-shirts.
Do you know a child with allergies? I bet they would love Allermates!
You can purchase Allermates and use code givepeas for 10% off here.

Click to enter for a chance to win one Allermates bracelet of your choice.

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