Monday, November 16, 2009

Really, why do I bother posting bentos... 2009 Bento #10

I am so far behind. Seriously. Above is a lunch that Piglet and I took to share with Diva at her school. Tamago like scrambled egg with green onion, grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, two dipping sauces a spicy Nam Pla one and Tamari. And a basket of Sticky Rice. OH! Also some Chocolate Almond Crunch and a little sunny side up quail egg.

Great little lunch right? Well, we ended up eating it at home because we went to Diva's school and they said she had lunch early because of teacher conferences. UGH. I knew she got out "after lunch" but that's all they told me so I figured I would take her lunch, we'd eat and walk home. Instead my poor little girl cried because mommy didn't show up and bought her lunch instead. I felt so very very bad. She said it was ok but still. There you go, I suck. Hand over the mother of the year award.
To top it off the next day I let her take a bag of pretzels and a little bag of mini M&M's to have WITH her lunch she wanted to buy. When I picked her up the very first thing she said to me was, "she didn't let me buy lunch" and pointed to the substitute teacher. I said "what?" and she repeated what she said. I asked why not, Diva said- "they said I already had something for lunch and to sit down and eat it, I didn't get a drink just one drink out of the fountain." Ok, I'm am pretty even keeled for the most part but I was not happy about this one. The teacher was busy with students and parents so I marched on over to the office and asked what on earth was going on after explaining the situation. They said well she signed up to buy a lunch, yes, I know *I* signed her up this morning. They kept saying, "well she signed up" I kept saying " I know, I signed her up this morning but she never got her lunch" finally they told her if she didn't get lunch again to come to the office. To which she said, "we can't come without a pass" I told her I didn't care she could leave and go to the office. OY. It's just not something Diva would make up and I did ask her if she was sure she didn't get a lunch and just didn't like it...

Cute little quail eggs, this on is set in a teaspoon. To crack these open without breaking the yolk use a sharp knife to cut off the tops.
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