Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keep the kids busy craft...

Sometimes I just need to keep my kids busy and out of my hair in the kitchen, sure there are times they can help me pick through beans and look for rocks, tear lettuce and what not but there are other times where there is not much for them to do. So I just give them some string, tie a couple of Cheerios on one end and let them make themselves a snack. Once they string all they can, I just tie it up for them. Diva is pretty good at this, it takes her a while and buys me time. Piglet tries to string a few then just sits and eats while she watches her sister. Either way, I have some free time. They can wear their necklaces out, on airplane trips etc and still have a snack handy. Yes fruit loops are more fun and colorful but we don't eat them here. I do like them though.

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