Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comfort in a cup...

You know there is nothing like a little mommy time, or a lot of it HA HA. Recently I contacted Lisa at the Healing Pixie for some special mama tea and I asked her if she had a decaf Chai. Turns out she makes one called "Spice of Life", I got my package in the mail yesterday and free boiled myself a cup per her instructions. Just looking at the tea with the cardamom pods and all whole all spice I knew this would be a treat. Usually I make my Chai with the same spices and some black peppercorns too. In my excitement to try the tea I never got a picture of the final product, so if you want to know what that looks like order yourself some Spice of Life, it's divine. I had my first cup with just a little honey, tonight I am having it with honey and heavy cream. Ok and a chocolate bar LOL.
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