Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lunches for October 24, 2007

At the grocery store today Diva said she wanted sushi for lunch at school, so OK I bought pre made California rolls shoot me. She wanted to use a new bento that my friend K sent. She's got California roll, a little bit of pickled ginger which she really enjoys, steamed broccoli, a cupcake and fruit salad. The mini cupcakes she helped me bake a couple of nights ago. We put a chocolate chip in the middle of each one, so no frosting needed. The fruit salad is grapes, golden kiwis, green kiwi, and peaches. Her sauce container is watered down soy sauce with some sesame oil. She also wanted a "Hello Kitty" fork. I used a foil cup for the fruit salad because I don't like food mixing and touching. I also used a green "grass" divider between the sushi and the fruit salad container.

Piglet and I will be having lunch at home, but I packed her fruit salad, steamed broccoli and laughing cow cheeses. I will give her some crackers to round it out.

DH is having the usual salad, fruit salad and in the morning I will pack a thermos with leftover curry and coconut brown rice. Note the cute food picks and elephant container kawaii!
My lunch is some of the California roll, and a laughing cow cheese. I will have crackers too, the banana is there because the box looks empty, I won't eat it. Piglet might eat the banana though.
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