Saturday, March 24, 2018

Birds Nest Crispy Noodles

Isn't this a cute dish for Spring or even Easter for something non traditional? The little quail eggs in a nest made from Chinese egg noodles. I made these egg nest noodles like my Mee Korb, or Chinese Double Pan Fried Noodles dish. This is still a family favorite here. For the Egg Noodles I used this recipe posted HERE, but you can also purchase fresh Chinese egg noddles for this.

 The actual nests would be 100% easier to make if you have a deep noodle dipper for cooking noodles and then one that is a bit larger. That way you can sandwich the noodles between these two tools and dip it into the oil. Noodle dippers look like colanders that are on a handle, it is used to dip noodles into boiling water to cook them. For my nests I put the noodles into a pan and then used my one and only dipper to press the noodles down in the center, that way the other noodles on the side rise up and form a bowl or nest. The problem with this method is that you need a deep pot that is also smaller in circumference. OR a deep pot that you place the noodles in put the noodle dipper on top and you take a wooden spoon and shape the noodles as they cook into a nest. This last method requires speed. I used the smaller pot, which runs the risk of the oil boiling over unless you have a really deep one.  In the end these were fun, but I wouldn't do them unless it was a special occasion because they don't taste any different made this way.

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