Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chicken Chicharrón

I'm not sure Crispy Chicken Chips, Chicken Chicharrón is a thing, but this is good and it now is a thing right here, right now. Like bacon good to me. Maybe better because it's so crispy. They are like Chicharron/Chicharrón but different animal. It's wrong, you say? Then don't want to be right.

I save the chicken skin from thighs when I de bone them for stock. This isn't a health food, you shouldn't eat this everyday, every week, or anything like that. Use some common sense and it's all good. It'll be okay.
All you do for these crispy bites of goodness is put them in a cold pan, and turn on the heat. A nice heavy cast iron works great, so does a heavy bottom stainless steel. Let the fat render and turn once or twice to get them nice and crisp.

You can use these to top salads, put salsa on top of them or guacamole. But I just them with hot sauce. They are whole 30 compliant but if you use them like chips they are considered s SWYPO, so don't do that. Eat one on top of a salad or something.  #sorrynotsorry
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Chicken Chicharrón

Chicken skin
Seasoning salt, salt, pepper, etc (optional)
  1. Place chicken skin in a heavy bottom pan, make sure it is flat.
  2. Turn heat on to medium high.
  3. Cook turning once until crisp.
  4. Place on a paper towel to soak up remaining fat.
  5. Season while hot with desired seasoning.

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