Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 School Lunches 176-184

You can tell it's the end of the school year... less and less lunch pictures. This morning my oldest packed her own and took off picture or not. Last week they packed their own and I wasn't on the ball at all. BUUUT here are some lunches that I hope I haven't already posted.

Steak salad in the Planetbox containers.
Whole 30 Ranch dressing

Salads. Same as above just in mason jars...
These are salads I prepped for the week for me to have at home. I use a foodsaver to seal the mason jars it works great.

SOOO on May first I started Crossfit, and it was horrible (really it was haha). I got sick after and tossed my cookies (luckily I had already driven home). I was so dizzy and light headed. Whew. SO sore the whole week. It was no fun. That was Monday the first, I also went Wednesday and Thursday. Luckily I didn't get sick. Anyway. the box pictured above is a box I packed for breakfast.

Above is what happens when I let the kids pack their lunches. It's not bad.
One box has stuffing and carrots. A orange was packed separately.
The other box has grapes and carrots.
My oldest packed chicken and stuffing.
This lunch box as for me after church since I knew we'd be headed out and I didn't want to mess with looking for Whole 30 compliant foods.

Below are some pictures from Instagram:
Khao Poon gai noodle bowl.
Mussels and a salad.

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