Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016 Lunches 195-209

Well, school has started and I'm already behind on packing lunches! OOPS. But here are some from the first two weeks of school. I have a few pictures on my camera I think. These are all phone pictures.

Above is
Quinoa (Method is here, this is just saute with garlic and oil, then cooked in chicken broth.)
Taco meat
Simple Cabbage Salad
Italian plums
Taco shells for two of the kiddos.
Below, DH has the same thing with cucumbers and Black Beans.

The next few lunches have pretty self explanatory things. The Thermos containers have an amazing French Dip filling and Au Jus that I'll be posting soon.
Pixie's lunch below doesn't have any French Dip, just a buttered roll, it's a sad lunch. But she liked it.

The salad in a mason jar below was for DH.
A green salad with egg and chicken.
Dried cherries and almonds
Seasoning salt
Two cookies.

These lunches are like what's in DH's mason jar salad. Just not layered. The girls also got croutons.

Here's the first school lunch of this school year for the kids.
Herb cream cheese balls

DH's lunch
Chickpea curry
Lemon bars 

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