Monday, December 14, 2015

Secret Garden Christmas Tree

I have to admit this is probably one my second favorite tree in the house right now, aside from our main tree. This one is in Diva's room. She didn't really choose the theme. But it goes very well with her room. It's very romantic, muted, and just elegant, on a $20 fake tree from Target, using clearance flowers and $1 ornaments from the craft store :).
I'm not a decorator so we really just did the best we could when putting this one up, the lights are white. We used ribbon that I had lying around from a sale of Christmas past.

 I'll have to pick up more pearl garland for next year, we only had the one strand, but it's pretty! She doesn't like garish colors or flashy things, so this was perfect.

The flowers and the birds were 75% off clearance items from fall decorating at the craft store. I think it really fills the tree in well, considering all these trees are quite dinky!

 These monogram ornaments were in the dollar section of our local craft store. If they are still there at the end of the season I'll pick some more up! They are so pretty. I have some old keys I need to string and add, they are a pretty bronze color. I think they will be perfect :). 

We chose not to do a bow at the top or put any topper on this tree. I really like how it turned out. What do you think? Not too shabby for a little tree with all clearance items on it!
Christmas is drawing closer and I will try to get these posts all up. If I don't, I'll get them up at the end of the year.
Have a blessed blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year, may God bless you all abundantly!
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