Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sushi, Matuba Review

Sushi at Matuba, I did a review on this place quite a while ago. But we went there for lunch over Spring Break, the kids asked to go twice. But once was on a day that the buffet wasn't open. You can find my earlier reviews here HERE, and HERE. I'm adding a little update here because there are some changes.
The sushi chef that is there regularly is wonderful. He's Lao so he asks how my parents are, if they are coming to visit etc. He's fast, and knows the regulars. Even if you aren't a regular, he's attentive. If it's not crazy busy he'll ask how everything is and if you have a request. The owner always greets us with a smile. 
Matuba has a military discount now so if you're military make sure you ask. I still suggest getting there early, especially if you have a party of 3 or more. I'm talking when they open for the buffet, not main dinning room.  

There's always a selection of nigiri, rolls, and hand rolls on the buffet.
California Rolls 
Spicy Crab Rolls
Tempura Rolls
Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls
Salmon Skin Hand Rolls
and more...
Salmon, Yellow-tail, Mackerel, cooked Shrimp, and Tuna are the regular line up for Nigiri 

The girls and I are big fans of the Salmon Skin rolls. They are made with hot crispy salmon skin. It's the only thing I eat with nori.
They do NOT serve sashimi on the buffet, and no the sushi chef won't give you sashimi either :) . I just happen to have one child who likes rice dipped into the Teriyaki chicken sauce. She leaves me the sashimi, I don't argue. My middle child eats her rice first, then eats her fish separate. So that's what you see in the picture above. Fish that my youngest left me because she ate my rice.
There are so many non sushi items on the buffet also
Teriyaki Chicken
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
Dumplings- steamed and fried
Fried Rice
Mussels (Rarely)
Seaweed Salad
Salad with Ginger Dressing
Miso Soup
Tuna Collar (Rarely)
And other items.
There is a parking garage right next to Matuba if you can't find parking on the street.
Matuba has always been clean when we've gone. The bathroom is also clean. That's a biggie for me. It's one of my favorite places to eat because it's quick and delicious.

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