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Les Petit Merveilles- Review and Giveaway

Nighttime Paris Shadows

Have you every played with shadow puppets as a child? I did as a child, I particularly remember a panda one I made at Chinese school.  After we assembled them we took turns casting shadows on the screen the teacher provided. They were so fun. I think especially for children, seeing something as simple as a shadow cast on a wall or a sheet is quite magical. Even making shadow puppets with your hands is fun for both children and the adults casting the amusing shadows. 
  Les Petit Merveilles - French for small wonders, are beautifully die cut shadow puppets that are sturdy, and the sticks make them easy to hold and maneuver.  Moulin Roty is the 40-year-old French company that makes these charming detailed puppets. When I say detailed, you can see above how each puppet is laser cut with fine detail that lets light pour through to create shadows that also have detail. I tried to capture that in my photos, I hope you can see what I mean, as I am not a photographer. Who knew taking pictures of shadows could be so challenging?
 See how the windows are filled with light? Even the eye and smile on the chimney sweep show up!

Shadow puppets are great for children of all ages, and adults. They spark creativity and imagination during play. Children love to snuggle into bed for a bedtime story, these puppets create soft shadows and are a wonderful addition to story time.  My children and I love to tell stories, and long after they are tucked into bed my girls are whispering and giggling. Sometimes I'm not too happy about that, but at least they are getting along right? They have often told me that they will just make up stories, make up different lands and think about what types of cuisines people would eat at these places. Our Paris Shadows kit expands their creative story telling in so many ways. The puppets are beautifully simple. They very much open the door for play, and do not limit creativity with rules or guidelines. Our set came with 11 puppets which is a lot! The girls have taken turns holding up the buildings, flying the airplane around. Moving the puppets either closer or further away from the light source to make the shadows on the wall bigger or smaller. Huge lady trampling over buildings and walking over the Eiffel tower? Sure why not?

We've really enjoyed this "back-to-basics" toy and are thinking about making a light box stage to use with our puppets. These puppets would be a wonderful gift for any child.

Check out the other sets of Les Petit Merveilles  puppets below, the theatre looks amazing!

Nighttime Shadows Theatre • $40 • Ages 3+
It doesn't really have to be nighttime to play with this fabric hanging that depicts a European theatre stage. The screen comes with 4 shadow puppets and measures 31" x 23.5". Can be hung outside between trees or poles or inside a bedroom or play area.
Nighttime Circus Shadows • $21 • Ages 3+
Lion, elephant and strongman, oh my! These Nighttime Circus Shadow puppets include 11 different figures. Grab some peanuts and popcorn and get ready to put on the greatest show on earth!
Nighttime Paris Shadows • $21 • Ages 3+
Ooh la la, it's Paris at night with a moon, sleepwalker and lovely cityscape. This set of 11 figures is made of black laser cut card stock. Put on your beret and let the tales begin.
Nighttime Dinosaur Shadows • $18.50 • Ages 3+
If you can pronounce them, create intriguing tales with triceratops, parasaurolophus and brachiosaurus among this 10-piece puppet set.
Nighttime Castle Shadows • $18.50 • Ages 3+
Once upon a time, there was a 9-piece puppet set that
children found comforting yet a little scary with a Princess, her father the King and a wicked witch! Turn down the lights, add a lamp and let the happily-ever-after adventure begin!

American toy importer Magicforest distributes these and the entire Moulin Roty line to over 700 toy and gift shops coast to coast. Look for all of these small wonders with a French twist in Spring 2014. You can find them on  Facebook.

I have one set of puppets to giveaway to a lucky reader, make sure you enter below!
If you are in the US, have a US address, and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win. Read the rules 
HERE, first.
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