Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Bento 188-201 #TakeitTuesday

 I'm so sorry these pictures are just shot. My camera, I think I mentioned it. Needs to be replaced or sent in. The sensor is so off. Manual or auto focus, it doesn't matter. Anyway. The first three lunches for this Take It Tuesday post here on Give Peas A Chance have all the same foods, except Pixie got cheese, and her sister's got turkey.
Quinoa- with lime, cumin, other spices, and cilantro.
Lime wedge
Mandarin oranges
Tzatziki sauce
York Pieces

The next three lunches are exactly the same.
I baked Blueberry Cobbler right into the Planetbox container.
Cheese and Turkey (I used the cheese that I had cut hearts out of in Pixie's lunch above)
(The heart in the middle of the lunches is a piece of cheese that I painted on with food markers)

Diva's snack on the right Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares cereal and craisins.  I haven't had that cereal in forever, I loved it as a kid. My kids like it so much, and I still like it too! I'll be getting more of it, it's easy to eat for snacks. Piglet's lunch, cereal and string cheese.
 These next three lunches have
Sunbutter Sandwiches
Mandarin oranges
Dragon fruit (with a wedge of lime)
Red Peppers
Pony Fruit Snacks
Diva's sandwich has Pinkie Pie on it, Pixie's lunch has Rainbow Dash, and below is Piglet's lunch, which has Fluttershy on the sandwich. I stamped them with a cookie cutter and food writers.

Last three lunches for this post-
Chicken Salad
(with either dressing or salt)
Dragon Fruit
York Pieces
Crunchy Rice Rollers
 Owl pick for Diva.
 Leia pick in Piglet's lunch.
Toy Story pick for Pixie.

*Lunches are packed in Planetboxes (review), to purchase click here.
*More Sunbutter recipes and posts HERE.
*Cobbler recipe HERE.
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Disclaimer - The Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal was a freebie, doesn't matter though we love it!

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