Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Bento 185-187 Take It Tuesday

Well, school has started. Just yesterday actually. The first lunches of the school year. I apologize for these pictures. I need to get a new camera or send mine in. It's quite sad. 
The girls all had a great first day, or at least they said so. Pixie ate all of her lunch but once piece of chicken. She loved school, she said it was so fun. She said she missed me but that she was having so much fun. So I'm glad. She was so tired after school though. So tired. She took a three hour nap after. Diva is very excited about school this year, she wasn't until today though. She kept saying she was dreading fourth grade all summer. Piglet was very excited to see old friends and make new ones. She said her goal was to make two friends today and she did.
Pretty much the same lunches for all the girls, except Diva wanted craisins also.
York Pieces

Packed in the PlanetBoxes you can see my review here, and here.

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  1. I need to get me one or more of these bento boxes so I can make a lunch like this to go. I always take my food with me where ever I go. That way, I get what I want to eat, not something that I shouldn't be eating.

    1. this is so true, my oldest has nut allergies so it's just easier to take food with us!

  2. hi! I'm trying to figure out new things to give my daughter for lunch. I have a question about the nuggets. Are they frozen when you take them out and microwave them and add them to the box? Does it create steam within the box? I was wondering because i sometimes add cheese to her lunch and maybe the steam will melt her cheese or make her fruit warmer? Also, my daughter eats lunch fairly early 10:30 or 11, have to check, but I'm paranoid about food poisoning in the meats. Do you add an ice pack or does that box retain the heat? Sorry for all the questions I'm new at all the Bento lunch thing and she's getting bored of PB&J . Thanks

    1. Hi Angelica!
      I heat the nuggets in our toaster oven, then leave them out on the counter while the girls eat breakfast (I'm terribly paranoid about steam creating bacteria too LOL)
      so I let it cool first.
      (they eat them cold by the time they eat)
      my middle girl has lunch at 1130ish. I always add an ice pack, I don't think the box retains heat or cold well. So I've just told the girls that their lunches will be cold. Unless it's in a thermos.
      I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask any questions. I'm also on facebook, the link is on the right hand side of my blog.

  3. I really need to get a bento for myself! It looks so much easier to pack lunch.


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