Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whole30 Thursday Week Two

A whole week has passed, and I haven't passed out from wanting quick absorbed sugars. :) I remember when I did Paleo a couple of years ago. Goodness I was dipping into the coconut butter quite a bit, I haven't opened the jar this time! Think I'll make it the whole month? I'm praying so!
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March 7
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs and sliced jalapenos (Scrambled in ghee)
Lunch- Steak, spinach, and mushrooms. That's a huge steak. Pixie and I shared lunch.
Dinner- EVERYONE loved dinner. I'm finding that my family just loves our regular dinners, and this is something we've had often, it's already Whole30 compliant so that's awesome for me. Come to think of it, breakfast and lunch are "usual's" and they are also complaint. It's my snacking that's an issue and weeding out other meals, like Chicken Pot Pie. Anyway- Chicken marinated with a cilantro lime marinade that's so quick and easy. Salad on the side, with spicy mango salsa. 
Snacks- Mandarin oranges, red bell peppers, and cashews.
(also some leftover mango salsa and chicken)

March 8
I packed two eggs, red bell peppers, and the mandarin oranges to take with me while we ran errands and such. I didn't eat the bell peppers until snack time. I only got to eat one of the eggs.
OKAY, LUNCH. If you think Prosciutto wrapped avocado is good, try Smoked Salmon wrapped Avocado. I squeezed a bit of lime on top and added capers. Not caring if capers were Whole30 approved or not! So good!
Tomato Basil Spaghetti Squash
Dinner- I wasn't sure what I was going to make for dinner, there was something on the menu but I had leftover food in the refrigerator also. While I was thinking about it DH called and said "I just need to eat and get back to school, can you pick me up and we'll all go to McDonald's? Is that okay?" So in ten minutes I threw together this yummy dinner. Coconut butter, curry paste, spaghetti squash, leftover chicken, cilantro, and such. It was so good.  (I'll blog this, I promise.)
A couple spoons of coconut butter
The red bell peppers from breakfast
Cup of unsweetened Teavana Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong and Peach Tranquility herbal tea. (So good)

March 9

2 fried eggs
Sauteed mushrooms
Red bell peppers

Coconut Curry Spaghetti Squash
Red bell peppers

Salmon on top of blanched asparagus, topped with a poached egg, squeeze of fresh lime, and Hiwa Kai salt.

Poached egg
Shared an apple with the kids
Teaspoon full of coconut butter

 March 10
UGH. Not a good day, and my GUT is paying for it. Sigh. Sundays are so busy, and I didn't prepare well at all. Last week we were sick, so we didn't get to church. Actually it's not that I didn't prepare well, or that I didn't have anything to eat. It's just that I decided to make a bad decision. Oh well, tomorrow we move on.

Before church I packed a breakfast/snack bento
3 eggs (I ate 2)
3 clementines (I had 1)

Five Guys. We were running errands.
2 beef patties
Special sauce, lettuce, cheese...  (TOTALLY kidding)
Grilled mushrooms
And some fries *hides* fried in peanut oil too, great. This however didn't affect my gut.
One Clementine

After lunch we decided to watch a movie. I had some unsweetened tea at Teavana. After the movie, we went into the mall to run an errand. SO.

Salad greens with walnuts, green apple, grilled chicken, lemon juice, salt, pepper.
I was fine after that. I was comfortable, not hungry anymore. So why do you ask did I eat part of a pretzel I didn't even TRULY want/like? It wasn't even the kind I like? Sigh, because it was there. So, I spent the evening with a sick stomach and my head was hurting. Oh I know better. I went through this when I was eating Paleo. Stupid. I was kicking myself, but decided that I just need to move on.

Fried eggs topped with smoked salmon, and capers, which I decided I didn't want so I moved them to the side.

March 11
Scrambled eggs with jalapenos and red bell pepper

Curry Meatball over mashed cauliflower. I had this serving in the freezer.


Shrimp with homemade ghee
Almond Coconut Butter Bark, sprinkled with a tiny bit of cinnamon and cocoa powder (which I know cocoa powder is a no no for some)
 March 12
I am probably eating too much fruit but, oh well.

2 fried eggs
I ended up eating the apple and banana pictured for snacks.

Prosciutto wrapped avocado (YUM)

Cod baked with tomatoes and homemade basil/garlic/lime infused ghee
Avocado and tomatoes

Teavana tea- unsweetened
Part of an apple, my kids ate the rest.
 March 14
Breakfast/Lunch shared with Pixie. I ate two eggs, bell peppers, one orange, mango salsa. She ate the carrots and other stuff.
The apples, I had two slices, Pixie snagged the rest.
Dinner- Steak, asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli.
Blackberries- I had four out of that bowl, I had a few more out of the fridge. My girls ate the rest.
I made some lard from pork belly so I had some ChicharrĂ³n

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