Saturday, October 27, 2012

She just might blow over...

Hurricane Sandy that is. By the time she reaches where I am she won't be on water, she is being called a "Super storm" and even a "Franken storm" though. The thing about where we live is that the power goes out often. Big storm, little storm, it doesn't matter. I can't tell you how much food I've thrown away. This summer we were without power for almost a week. I think the longest time we've been without power (here) is about ten days. DH was adding it up and we were out of power for about a month if you add it up the first year we were here. And we had just moved here from the Panhandle, so we were used to hurricanes and having power out. But not like this, the power here is RE-DUNK-U-LOUS.
What's my point? Just that if you don't see me around, my power is out. Any giveaways that need "tending" to I'll get to ASAP. I do have some scheduled posts. Until then our readers are charged, phones charged, batteries, candles, have been gathered, and I picked up some water and snacky foods. The girls and I were talking about how thankful we were that it was fall. In the summer it's unbearable, the heat. We have a gas stove so we can still cook. But, I've said it all week. I've got too much darn bacon in the freezer for this nonsense. 
Sigh. (#firstworldproblems)
Seriously though, stay safe, be prepared. Prayers to those affected by this storm and those who have lost loved ones.
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