Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Friday

A while back I posted a picture of my standing freezer- pictures HERE. I love that I can find everything I need right away. I also updated the list on the front of the freezer. 
I decided to tackle this hot mess next-

Scary isn't it? This is our bottom pull out freezer. I love having the French door fridge on top, but I don't like the freezer so much. I decided to get some bins from the Container Store and get to work.
On the far left I have bagels, waffles and pancakes. I also have items I made to freeze for quick lunches in both the far left and middle bins. So there are pizza rolls, pumpkin muffins, carrot biscuits, drum sticks. Stuff like that. The far right has all the ice packs and lunch bags we use. Except the ones that are too big. To the far right I put nuts, ice cream and I think that's it. 
The top drawer looks like this (Suki Yaki sauce, bread, Fudge balls and eye compress.

Here's what the bins look like
It's funny how something so simple can make my day better. What little organizing projects have you done? Let me know! I love seeing or hearing about peoples projects.
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