Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Friday

Saturday morning breakfast was made by Diva this week. I did do all the oven work, turning it on/off and removing items from the oven.
She made two Dutch babies. One with pumpkin pie spice and the other a blueberry one.

She measured everything into the blender. I had her crack eggs into a bowl, I always have her use a bowl in case she gets shells into it. Once mixed and in the oven...

She got ready to whip the cream...
After she whipped the cream...
I had her clean up after herself. There's a rule here. Keep moving LOL. When things are in the oven or on the stove you clean up after yourself. 
After she cleaned up the Dutch babies were still cooking so I found something else for her to do. She filled the Cinnamon Sugar up for me. I make big batches of vanilla cinnamon sugar at a time- so much easier.
All done.
The blueberry one has blueberries in it and it was sweetened with blueberry syrup.

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