Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to

This year we're not having birthday parties for the girls. If you know me, you know this is heartbreaking. We didn't have them last year either. When I say heartbreaking I mean heartbreaking for me, not so much the kids. I love parties, I love putting them together and hosting them. Cooking, baking, all the little details. Anyway. This year, like most every year the girls get to pick where they want to eat. Piglet, who just turned 5, wanted Dim Sum and somehow that morning it changed to McDonald's. Sigh. Yuck. She also wanted a chocolate cake but we talked more and she said strawberry so, I made the Neapolitan cake posted HERE, for her.  (And since I don't have a picture for this post, I'll post the same picture... because it's my blog and I can do that. And I'll re post other birthday cakes too.) 

Diva's birthday is at the end of this month. She wants Pho. I was like awesome I want to go eat Pho too. I can't wait to go out.  But mommy, I want your Pho. So DH chimes in, "OK, if mommy makes Pho here you can still pick a place to go out for dessert". I'm sending mental waves, vibes, whatever for Cheesecake factory... Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake, you know you want it. Chanting it in my head. I even mention it, her eyes light up and she gives me a high five over the table. Then she says, "I want carrot cake. Mom's carrot cake." Yes, the carrot cake. The one we bake on special occasions, that we all love. It's even good enough for Jesus' birthday

See, it's pretty too.. and on the inside?

Whole wheat carrot cake with vanilla bean frosting.
This is our go to cake,  unless someone asks for something like a "rainbow cake with a unicorn on top" Then we get into this kind of nonsense. I know, there's no unicorn. I had no time for that after the frosting fiasco. You can read about that HERE.
Of course there was the mermaid with no arms... she too, was whole wheat carrot cake.

The cakes from the MaD HAttEr TeA PartY you can see them- HERE.  Made with love, though lopsided.
I can't forget the time we bought a cake, and got this- cake wreck. It says
"Name, spelled so very wrong
under that
Ma-tou     !"
I did ask for them to put "under that", but I spelled her name right, and not sure why the exclamation point is so far away.
So... because she's my beloved little girl I'll make the Pho, and I'll make the cake. Just for the record MY birthday is this weekend, and nobody will be asking ME where I want to go. If it WERE MY party, I'd cry. But, there are no parties. I'll cry anyway. Because it's my blog and because I'm moving up a whole age bracket. I'd probably ask for the same carrot cake, that is if someone else were to make it. Any takers? If not I'm headed to Cheesecake factory - if I can talk everyone into it.
PS- send sushi...
like this, except not on a child's plate, that has a princess crown on it. On a plate I don't have to wash. Thank you.
What cake would YOU choose on your birthday?
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