Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's get this day 18, 19, 20

I've been so busy! We have company. It's kinda hard to eat right. I made a ham the other night so I know totally processed, high in sodium and sugar. I didn't glaze it but I'm not sure that redeemed anything.  Last nights dinner was hamburger patty and salad. I made the dressing. The girls at so well, we've all missed simple dinners- salad and protein.

 Tonight I had a taco salad- I make my own salt free seasoning, home made tomato salsa and mango salsa. I did have sour cream. IT was delish. THEN I had a delivery of Georgetown cupcakes. I may pay for it during the night and tomorrow feeling gross and sluggish but YUM>
My salad. There is tons of veggies under that meat. The girls dinners which they loved, I had taco shells and no one wanted them.

Cupcakes, which got here today and looked like this. I wasn't happy. Here's a post I've done on them before. LINK.
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