Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's get this Day 10 and 2011 Bento 75, 76, 77,78

Roast beef, mustard, cheese, sweet peppers, carrots and oranges
It was a HOT day today. 80's. And I don't like heat. But I decided to pack lunches for the girls and I so we could have a picnic after story time. I literally threw this lunches together before we RAN out the door. But story time was great- we were early. After a grocery store run we headed out the the park and had a picnic and played.
This morning I had one slice of ham and a slice of cheese, I wasn't hungry. But I knew that if I didn't eat I'd be famished later. Mid morning I shared an apple with Pixie. I ate all of my lunch pictured above except the girls ate my oranges and I got one slice. Dinner was a salad much like last nights. I made a vinaigrette with Coconut Vinegar and Coconut oil - and a little salt and pepper. The girls loved the dressing! I also had a spoon of Sunbutter- then I saw it had cane sugar UGH. I some Coconut butter also- YUM. This ice cream here also... LINK
 The girls had Rye flat bread- one of the few cracker type items I will still buy because all it has is rye flour, water and salt. Can't beat that.
Sweet Peppers

I found these items at my Wholefoods store and regular grocery store.

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