Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Cookies...

 Yeah, I know. Jesus' birthday has come and gone. I don't care, I'm posting pictures of our Christmas cookies! I didn't really bake this year. MIL baked these and we helped decorate them. DH baked gingerbread cookies, and I slathered cream cheese frosting all over them like a... well, never mind like what. I just did. Any whooo... my girls loved this. Because their mama doesn't like to roll out dough and bake fun cookies for them to decorate. And when I do roll out cookies to bake I want them decorated just right so, really there is no room for fun in that. But at Nana's? It's a free for all with frosting and sprinkles and what not.

Some of my favorites--  Click to enlarge
SIL decorated this one.

Umm, yeah, I did this one.

This one too... I like him, he was fun to decorated.

Nana's cookie.

All of them, CLICK to enlarge.

Nana's cookie.

My Hula girl with SIL's dude, flirtin...

OH! And look how cute this bottle is? No, we didn't use these...
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