Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grilled Lobster Tails

There is no real recipe here. Just what I did or a "method" if you will. You hear that a lot on this blog don't you? It's my way of saying I have no stinkin' recipe, just eyeball it and use what you like. We had these for DH's birthday dinner. Did you miss the grilled artichoke recipe? First off, these were frozen, read- DEAD lobsters, obviously there were only tails. I have cooked mussels and clams before but not ready to cook live lobsters.
Here they are thawed and ready to go. In retrospect I maybe should have split them before poaching them. I wonder if the shell is less hard that way because I had one HECK of a time splitting them after.
I poached them in lightly simmering/low boiling water that had garlic cloves, bay leaves, whole peppercorn, parsley... oh wait have you read this somewhere before? Oh yes, you have it's the same water I steamed the artichokes with. I poached them for about 7 minutes? Until the shells turned a pretty lobster color.
Like this color.
Next you want to split them, so you can get all the buttery goodness all up in there.
Did I mention this was a pain? It was. Shears. Kershaw Shun Chef's knife. Nothing made it easy. Proves that I know not what I am doing, only that I am hungry. I press on toward the goal of buttery goodness waiting for me.
 Ok this part? Easy peasy. If you didn't soak skewers for 30 minutes before this step, don't worry. I forgot also. I soaked them for about 10 minutes. We lost one or two to flames but it wasn't a big deal. Thread the skewer along the bottom (belly side) of the tails to keep them flat while grilling.

Now you want to butter up those babies. Herb butter, plain butter, browned butter, clarified butter I don't care just don't use margarine or anything like that. This guy gave his life for you, treat him with some respect, use real butter.
Place them on the grill, you're just getting some smokey flavor on these. They are already cooked don't dry em out, baste them with more butter. You don't even have to turn them over.
Unless you want to, in that case, start with this side. So all that butter you've diligently poured... I mean brushed, on doesn't cause a major flare up, and more importantly pour out of the shell.
See easy peasy. Pull out the skewers and serve. With more... well you get the idea.

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