Sunday, September 13, 2009

Misoshiru/Miso Soup

Let me first start off by saying I am not Japanese. If you have a Japanese Grandma, it's best to get a recipe from her for misoshiru (Miso soup). Another thing I want to say is - I don't have a recipe. I have a method. I know I keep saying that, it's just a fancy way I say "I have no recipe", but it's no biggie because the way I make Miso soup is pretty simple.

Miso Soup
What you need
Dashi stock- this can be made with bonito flakes (your best bet) OR you can use a powder be aware that powders or granules have lots of salt and MSG, like not naturally occurring glutamate.
Dried Seaweed/ (Wakame)
Tofu- pressing the tofu squeezes out water and lets the tofu absorb more yummy broth
Miso paste
(I added shitake mushrooms to this batch)

For Dashi stock-
Bonito flakes

Let's start off with the Dashi. Place about 7-8 cups of water in a pot, turn on the heat and add some Kelp. Once the kelp is soft and re hydrated and the water is almost to a boil toss in the bonito flakes. How much you ask? I don't know a hand full maybe? My mom uses her hand, and it's her hand full she's got a medium sized hand. Does that help? Turn off the heat and let this steep for about 5-7 minutes. Then Strain through a cheese cloth- discard the solids. Now you have Dashi stock.

For the soup- return the Dashi to the pot and put the heat on low. No need to boil this. Take some miso paste in a bowl and ladle a little bit of stock into it and stir. Pour this into the pot. Do a taste test... if it needs more miso, add it. That's it, there's your miso.

For the extra's, cube the pressed tofu and put it into the bowls. Hydrate the sea weed and cut it up into smaller pieces and put it into the bowl and add miso soup. OR you can put dried sea weed in the bottom of the bowl and the miso soup will hydrate it. Whatever floats your boat. I added sliced shitake mushrooms and scallions too.

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