Monday, August 31, 2009

Bento 2009-1 Tamago...

This is Diva's first bento of the school year. Kindergarten this year. Where does the time go? I didn't cry when we dropped her off, she didn't cry either, we've done this before- this is our third year. Piglet however hugged her sister and the tears started flowing, she was so sad. She just kept saying "I miss Sissy" Poor kid. She wanted so badly to go to school this year. She loved it last year.
I wasn't sure what to pack in this first bento, to ease into things a bit. I decided to pack what I *thought* I knew Diva liked- Tamago and rice. Boy was I wrong I picked her up today and she tells me "Mom, I didn't like my egg or my rice, I only ate the jelly and the green onion those were my favorite." Really? Last time you fought over the Tamago. Oh well. She did eat her grapes and apparently sucked the Tamari out of the little fish container- good thing it was watered down. A little side note about Diva, she loves green onion. She's really the only one in our family that will just eat it raw. She's the only person I buy it for. So, if you see it often in her lunches don't feel sorry for her, she loves them. Not sure how the other kids like her breath after but oh well.

In the bento
Dashimaki Tamago
Onigiri with Furikake
Green onion flowers
Lychee Jelly- thank you Aunti Susan
Little Fish container with diluted tamari
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