Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I got a new toy. I am usually not one for uni taskers, so some of you are probably wondering why on earth I got a Beabe Babycook. After all I used a $5 food processor to make my older girls their baby food and that processor is still working just fine. Well, I will tell you why. I wanted one AND convenience people. Less dishes to wash. Gone are the days I have to wash the steamer basket, the pot, and the food processor. Gone, poof, just like that. I am sure you're thinking well, jarred food is convenient. Yes, I suppose it is. Have you tasted it though? I mean aside from the pear which is pretty good the rest? EH not so much. Not to say my girls didn't get jarred foods they did, but I'm thinking eating canned or jarred foods three times a day would get old.
Not only does this thing steam and puree baby food, it's very convenient for steaming vegetables, making applesauce for my older girls. It defrosts and reheats too. All this in about 15 minutes... Need I say more?
I just started Pixie on solids, isn't she cute? I know shameless. So I thought I would post on this bad boy and how easy peasy it is to use.
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This is sweet potatoes, just peel and cube like you would to make baby food in a steamer.

Add water to the 3rd mark of the bowl - there are three levels of water for veggies, meats and fruits. Depending on what you're steaming. Pour the water into the heating doo hickie.

Place the potatoes into the steamer basket, put the basket into the bowl. Place it on the pedestal, lock it.

Turn the steamer on, the light will go off when it's done.

With the handy spatula lift the basket out of the bowl. Either drain or reserve the cooking liquid to puree with. (I left it in there, sweet potatoes need to be thinned out for Pixie at this stage, and it's not like I was making carrots. In that case toss the liquid and use fresh water, you know nitrates.)

Place the potatoes in the bowl with the water still in there.

Put this doo hickie on top, not sure what it's called. Put the lid on and lock the unit.

Then just turn the knob to blend for as long as you want.

SO easy... and clean up? A breeze, the parts go in the dishwasher. But it's not a million parts like a steamer basket, a pot, a lid and processor parts.

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