Friday, May 23, 2008

Steamed Artichokes

It's summery around here, strawberries and now artichokes. We were at the grocery store and Diva saw these and tells me, "I want those for dinner!" We both love steamed artichokes. This is the first time Piglets had fresh artichoke, I think, it was hard for her to learn how to eat it. I am sure there is a "proper" way to prepare these, but this is how I do it.

whole peppercorns
bay leaves
slices of lemon
Lemon juice/fresh
dill weed

Cut off the stem of the artichoke.

With kitchen shears snip off the tips.

Then slice off the top...

like this.
I hear squeezing fresh lemon juice on top before steaming keeps it a nice bright green I haven't tried it.

In a pot add some water, just to come up to a steamer basket. Place some peppercorns, bay leaves and slices of lemon in the water. Bring to a boil

Place artichokes in a steamer basket into the pot. Cover and let steam for ... 25 minutes?

Melt some butter for the dipping sauce.

Add lemon juice...

and dill weed.
Serve with the artichokes. There are plenty of "how to eat"artichoke tutorials I am sure, no need to bore you with that, just don't eat the furry choke, and scrape the flesh off with your teeth.
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