Friday, May 9, 2008

Easy Italian Beef Sandwiches

So simple and easy. Depending on how hot you get your pepperonchinis you can adjust the heat on this. I use mild because of the girls. I also made this to freeze, since we've got a ton off food that needs to be eaten and or put in the freezer. These sandwiches are an easy week night meal if you just put everything in your Crock pot in the morning.
Some people will add Italian seasoning, or dry Italian Dressing. I know this is high in sodium. Adjust seasonings to your taste. I also don't add liquid, the beef and peppers have plenty, but you can do that. But I would use a no salt broth or just water.

1 five pound beef roast (chuck, trimmed)
0.5-1 jar with liquid of pepperonchinis
0.5 packet low sodium gravy or au jus (optional)

Put everything in the crock pot and turn int on low for 8-10 hours.

When the meat is very tender shred it with a fork, Discard the stems of the peppers.

Serve on rolls topped with cheese.

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